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Service Overview.

The air inside your home is essential for more than just comfort—it’s essential for life. It impacts your family’s health and budget.

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We Specialize in:

Quality Materials

We use only quality materials and equipment.

Smart Technology

We work with a variety of smart devices and other wireless control devices and mobile apps to create the most comfortable and reliable HVAC systems.

Upgrading the filter on your home HVAC system can reduce many allergens and dust particles in your home making breathing easier. We have the solutions to make your home air cleaner and remove unwanted airborne particles leaving your home cleaner and easier to breathe!

Smart Thermostats
With all the energy saving options on the market today, be sure to have a smart thermostat installed by your Latitude.43 HVAC Professional. Using the built in technology of these thermostats you can take full advantage of energy savings and many other handy options directly from your smartphone. Be sure to ask your Latitude Expert!

UV Lights
UV lights are used in hospitals and other facilities where air cleanliness is vital. Would you consider your home air quality vital? Us too! UV light destroys microbes and bacteria as it passes through the light given off. These can be installed directly into your home duct system to kill these airborne germs. Ask your professionals at Latitude.43 if a UV Light is a good option for your home.

Humidifiers are a popular addition to any home HVAC system. Humidifiers provide moisture to your home air making breathing easier and no lightning bolt shocks when you touch a door handle! Talk with our experts and we can find the right type and size of humidifier for your specific HVAC system. Many of these can be controlled right from your smartphone as well!

With all four seasons here in Wisconsin we get it all! That includes the humidity that can gather in areas of our home that create dampness and make it just plain uncomfortable. We have top of the line dehumidifiers to reclaim those spaces of your home you sometimes avoid due to that damp and musty-ness. Keep the mold down and the mood light with a dehumidifier installed by your Latitude.43 Professionals!   

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